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National Guardian Corporation. In 1983 Interlaken, together with experienced industry managers, began a consolidation in the highly fragmented security alarm business. The company, National Guardian Corporation, began as a start-up and acquired over 140 alarm businesses between 1983 and 1995. Approaching $250 million in revenue, the business was sold in 1995 to Ameritech Corporation. Returns to the early round investors were well in excess of 100% on a compounded annual basis.

W.R. Berkley Corporation (NYSE BER). This company, a result of more than 40 acquisitions, does business in all segments of the highly fragmented property casualty insurance industry. Rather than combining the operations of acquired companies, W.R. Berkley Corp. has a unique decentralized structure which allows each operating unit to serve its market in an autonomous manner. Value is added by sharing resources, knowledge, and centralizing certain core activities. In 2000, W.R. Berkley Corp. wrote over $1.5 billion in premiums, reported revenues of over $1.7 billion and had more than $5.0 billion in total assets. The Company's enterprise value at the end of 2000 was in excess of $1.7 billion.

Strategic Distribution, Inc.. (NASDAQ STRD) Strategic Distribution is a leading provider of industrial supply services to Fortune 1000 companies. The Company offers a comprehensive outsourcing solution, its proprietary In-Plant Store program, which reduces the costs and inefficiencies in the procurement and management of MRO materials. The Company is growing rapidly and today operates more than 150 In-Plant Stores throughout North America. Interlaken principals and affiliates own in excess of 30% of Strategic Distribution. In 2000, Strategic Distribution generated revenues of $355.5 million and the Company's enterprise value exceeded $200 million. 

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