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Unique Expertise

Transaction Execution. The principals of Interlaken have substantial experience in financial transactions and in managing capital structures. The proper capitalization of a company is critical to its success. The capital structures we put in place balance debt and equity in a fashion which maximizes returns without jeopardizing our company's viability or its ability to maintain an aggressive acquisition pace.

Interlaken's principals have been involved in more than 300 acquisitions as well as numerous public equity offerings, divestitures, and debt offerings. We are capable of managing all phases of a deal including structuring, negotiating, defining the strategic objective and managing legal, accounting, and financial matters. We have particular expertise in facilitating transactions with private company owners and creatively addressing their concerns, including tax considerations and personnel and transaction matters. We recognize the emotion attached to the sale of a privately-owned business and we are especially sensitive to the specific needs of private owners.

In addition, our access to capital allows us to structure creative and complex transactions using a variety of financial instruments which leverage our equity; these include high yield debt, bank financing, and equity from private placements or the public markets.

Opportunity Selection. Interlaken has assessed the appropriateness of hundreds of industries and acquisition candidates for potential investment opportunity. We have developed a proprietary methodology for analyzing opportunities and invest a great deal of our time in research. We are actively tracking numerous industries and maintain a large library of past studies which, together with our previous experiences in selecting industry targets, allows us to come quickly to a point of view on a potential industry or acquisition opportunity.

Crisis Management. Twenty years of experience has exposed us to many of the difficulties of building a business. Inevitably, there will be problems and issues in every business. Whether it is an economic recession, an unfavorable interest rate environment, or difficulties in merging businesses, we have seen many of the obstacles to the growth of a business and understand how to manage through adversity.

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