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Investment Criteria

Industries. Interlaken is attracted to industries that are large and fragmented, and where it is possible to utilize leverage to fund acquisitions. We prefer to invest in businesses that operate in "fundamental" or "basic" industries rather than those which are technology driven, "leading edge" or trend related. Directly and through affiliates, we are active in industrial service and distribution businesses, in large commodity sectors such as the chemical industry, and in financial services.

As a rule, we attempt to be an early financial participant in an industry so that acquisitions are economically priced. As early entrants, we can generally purchase companies on the private market at a discount from public market valuations of comparable companies. Ultimately, an eventual public offering at public market valuations maximizes our returns by bridging the private market/public market valuation gap.

Acquisitions. Interlaken seeks to acquire two types of businesses. The first, a platform, is a high-quality company that has sufficient scale and sophistication to provide the foundation for building a large scale business. A candidate typically has revenues between $10 million and $400 million with the majority of its operations in the continental United States; the appropriate size for a platform is largely a function of the industry in which it competes. The second type of acquisition candidate is a smaller business which can easily be merged into a platform entity.

Management Partners. We have recognized that the common characteristic in building a successful business is a high caliber management team. Our goal is to partner with industry experienced operating management who can manage the enterprise through growth and acquisition to achieve critical mass. In many cases, this team may be the current management of the acquired platform company. We will also sponsor managers and entrepreneurs with proven track records who are not currently owners of a business. In partnership with Interlaken, experienced industry executives with a desire to operate in an entrepreneurial environment can parlay their knowledge and skills into equity ownership of a venture with significant upside potential.

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